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About gelato 33 strain

gelato 33 strain If you’re the type who loves their dessert after dinner, it might be time to scoop up some Gelato

#33. This strain has an interesting lineage, as San Francisco breeders at Cookie Fam Genetics have dished up

quite a few phenotypes of the bud over the years. #33, named after Larry Bird, believe it or not, holds itself in a

category of her own – and for good reason.


While THC levels that average around 22% may not seem incredibly strong, your experience will tell a different

story. Gelato #33’s nugs are absolutely lovely with a delicate structure and tons of frosty trichomes. Scents of

orange, earth, and mint are attributed to her parents, Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, while

flavors are more in the realm of berry and citrus.

gelato 33 strain

Even the most experienced of smokers should take note when it comes to this strain, as her effects are super

strong. An instant head rush will overtake you and while you’ll be incredibly happy and uplifted, it can be a bit

intense. Soon after, body relaxation kicks in and once it’s coupled with an all over buzzing sensation, you’ll

really be having fun. Social, creative, and relaxing, Gelato #33 is everything a good strain should be.


When you combine a fairly psychoactive experience with strong physical effects, it’s no wonder that this strain

is ideal for medical use. Above all else, mental concerns including depression and stress are soothed to the

point that you’ll be smiling no matter what’s going on around you. Physical pain is counteracted by the buzz

you’ll feel, allowing for relief from cramps and body aches. Users who are extra sensitive, or those who just

smoke a lot, will find that Gelato #33 can help fight insomnia with the best of them.


Although it’s logical that anyone would want to include this plant in their home garden, you should be aware

that she’s a bit of a handful. Gelato #33 is extremely sensitive to temperature changes, and it’s even

recommended that you use a grow tent when cultivating indoors. Expect a pungent odor to fill the air as she

grows, and in 8 to 9 weeks you can expect a yield that’s decent but not quite worth writing home about.

How to consume gelato 33 strain

If you’re a Larry Bird fan then there’s no doubt you’ll love this strain, but sports references aside, you may want

to give this one a smoke at least once if you come across it. While her effects may not be that incredible, you

will get to experience an interesting combination of flavors and the ability to enhance nearly any social

situation with ease. Experienced growers who want the challenge of a difficult plant may desire Gelato #33 for

their own, but it will take some digging just to find seeds to get the job started.


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