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    limoncello strain


limoncello strain Although it has a somewhat generic name, Lemon Sativa is anything but. This strain offers

memorable citrus flavors and an energetic, long-lasting high. Unfortunately, the bud’s original breeders and its

genetic lineage are not well documented. Nevertheless, Lemon Sativa has won plenty of fans.



Visually speaking, Lemon Sativa’s flowers are not particularly striking. The buds are typically small to medium

in size and maintain an elongated, almost cylindrical shape. True to their sativa roots, these flowers have a

loose and piecey bud structure, with spindly and ragged-looking leaves that twist loosely away from each other.

The drab, olive-green leaves are interspersed with dark brown and orange pistils and are coated with sticky,

cloudy white trichomes that account for their potency.limoncello strain

About limoncello strain

When properly cured, flowers of Lemon Sativa give off an unmistakable lemon scent. A closer inspection,

though, may also reveal some light floral and herbal aromas. ground up, they may give off more of a skunky odor; this skunkiness tends to intensify in the form of a thick, acrid when the buds are combusted in a pipe or a joint. On the exhale, Lemon Sativa mingles citrus flavors with a deeply sour undercurrent. Those toking in public settings may want to take some odor control precautions, as this can be a very pungent smoke.limoncello strain

how to consume limoncello strain

Unsurprisingly, given its sativa nature, Lemon Sativa begins working its magic relatively soon after it’s


around the temples and lower forehead; a flushing in the cheeks is also common. As these odd sensations

become more familiar, smokers may notice that their thoughts have taken on a newly cerebral bent, with ideas

moving around quickly in free association. Otherwise mundane topics (or even objects) may take on a new

fascination. For some, this can result in a pronounced chattiness that can be right at home in social situations.

Lemon Sativa’s buzzy mental stimulation may also allow for bouts of productivity on detailed analytical tasks.

Meanwhile, those who aren’t feeling particularly productive can enjoy the strain’s acutely brainy effects while

working on boring household chores like doing the dishes.


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