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whiteberry strain With a delicious taste and a high that will keep you coming back for more, White Berry is a super popular

hybrid strain that has ties back to the Netherlands. An indica-dominant blend that comes in at 65/35, it’s a

great choice for getting a mellow boost of energy or taking the edge off of a hard day. Unknown breeders

crossed White Widow and DJ Short Blueberry to create this beauty of a strain.

One of the great things about White Berry is that it won’t completely knock you out, as it has a moderate THC

level of 18% on average. Sometimes it comes in higher, closer to 22%, but overall it’s tame enough for newer

users to enjoy and not experience negative side effects. Nugs of this strain are quite pretty, with a blue tone to

them and a thick layer of frosty trichomes covering the small buds. Easy on the nose, it has a strong and sweet

berry smell that transfers over nicely to your palate.

White Berry strain

White Berry gives users a great combination of effects, as it takes on the components of each of its parent

strains nicely. Like many hybrids, its sativa side comes out with a boost in mental energy, focus, and creativity.

You’ll experience a mellow and relaxed sense of purpose, rather than feeling like you just got jolted. As your

high goes on, White Berry’s indica tendencies can show up and create a more couch-locked type of sedation.

Those who smoke too much at once will get hit with a total body high that renders them nearly useless, so use with caution.


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